Bad Promise

by Ramey Dawoud

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This is me
This is who I am
And these.. are my reflections
I'm shy
Not cuz I'm afraid to talk to people, I just keep to myself, I'm a quiet guy
I don't like lies, I rather you be honest
Don't do it to see me smile, it'll grow like the lawn is
Do it because you truly care, don't do it to be nice
See my heart been broke kinda like a bad promise
And it tried to recover
But I don't know if I will make it, I continues to suffer
The more I come up for air the more I go under
And It's building up inside me, and I being to wonder
I can see it but not hear it like lightning before the thunder
And nobody wants to be there when everything goes asunder
I don't blame you though, I'ts not a mystery
I know my history, it's not you it's me
But then again it's the both of us
That's right it's the both of us
Showing up just in time to lighten the heavey load on us
See I don't open up to too many people I'm very private
I laugh and joke around, around the town I clown
But when it comes to personal issues I keep silent
Instead I write it, that's my way to fight it
I want to give up, but thought of love is too inticing
I refuse to spill my heart and share my thoughts
Well at least not with a lot
That's why I only open up to my notebook and God
I don't wanna be a celebrity with 6 failed marriages
I want real love, f*** the horses and the carriages
But I also want to travel the world, that's why it's not fair
I know women want a man that will truly be there
Eventhough I'm always with you, even when I'm gone
So you're never alone, constantly on my mind
My heart is your palace
You can live rent free, but watch out for the talons
If they attack you, I will boldly set you free
Even if it means coming out crooked like Italics
And if the earth quakes and the world shakes
I will keep you in my heart that way our bond never breaks
Help you conquer fears
And wipe away your tears
Greet you with a warm smile as your mascara smears
So sincere, victory or defeat
Now listen to the beat
I tell myself, one day it will all make sense
Blood is thicker than water, it is slightly more dense
Life gets intense, everybody expects you to walk against the fence
At the same time, stay in line
Make it to the other end
But enemy or friend, everybody is not the same
Different goals, dreams, at different targets we aim
You choose to go to college and diagnose tumors
I choose to use music as knowledge, put an end to the rumors
Dear World, comma, skip a line
I'm writing you this letter in hopes of a new design
of the way we treat other, I'm probably wasting my time
But I gotta get a few things off my chest and free my mind
Sometimes, I feel like you're conspiring
For my early retiring and my people's expiring
When heated, we tend to do strange things to cool the firings
And I feel like a wrinkled shirt, powerless against ironing
I try not to dim it ,and I try not to dim it
Please don't think I'm fantasizing because I know my limit
Just imagine how it feels when you're excited to the max
Walking through the airport on your way to get the tags
When all of a sudden your whole family gets sacked
By paranoid security that start ripping through your bags
And they brag, eventhough they found nothing but "rags"
Which are really just some presents to your cousins from your dad
Dear World, what is this all for? Keep fighting or
Put an end to all these wars, use the money to feed the poor
Nervous? What's the purpose? It's all bogus and nonsense
Work your way up to the surface and focus on the consious
Fear not your kin, fear not what's within
God is everywhere you go so fear non but him
Dear World, I write you this and wait for your return
Sincerely, Ramey Dawoud, To Whom It May Concern
There's only one door in front of me,
I wonder, if I open it what will I see
Keep all that


released July 17, 2012
Written, recorded, and mixed by: Ramey Dawoud
Produced by: DiamondStyle Productions



all rights reserved


Ramey Dawoud Kansas City, Missouri

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